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Tommy: Anchorman 2

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A summary of your idea and a link to what you have made.

There isn’t a right or a wrong answer, this is a very open brief which should suit people with differing technical skill sets.

Creative work doesn’t need to be completely finished as long as we can see the skills that you’ve used to get there and how the concept works overall.

We do want to see something working, so more than just a storyboard of your idea. Overall presentation will be considered. Who wants some chimichangas?


The best submission will win a one month paid internship at digital agency Tommy.

All ideas submitted will receive feedback from the team at Tommy.


* The incredible prize
* Gain valuable feedback
* Improve your skills
* Get showcased on FutureRising
* Impress employers
* Earn badges

You must be eligible to work in the UK

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Some 9 years after Ron Burgundy first appeared on the big screen, Anchorman 2 was released last year and made over $170m at the worldwide box-office.

A key contributing factor to the movie’s success was its marketing campaign with Will Ferrell, as Burgundy, making a number of high-profile TV appearances and starring in a plethora of social media video content.


Tommy want to see what you would do differently. How do you balance the needs of the fans with the needs of the movie studio? How do you bring Ron, Brian, Brick and Champ to life online?

With the official movie poster, the trailer and the whole of the internet at your disposal….we’d like you to design and make something. Something digital, something exciting, something that might make us laugh (good), make us cry (bad – not for this film), something fun, intriguing, true to the movie – a game, an app, a bus shelter video ad, a quiz or something on Snapchat, Tumblr or Twitter – it just has to be interactive – so no alternative movie posters or logos please. The opportunities are endless so let your creativity and your skills run wild. Whammy!


Here are some links that should get the creative juices flowing:

Write any questions in the comments below and remember that competition makes you stronger, share with your friends below.

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