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Technology industry
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Fancy a career in the technology industry? We have all the knowledge and tips to help you become a technology pro.

What is technology?

In an increasingly computerized world, the demand for tech graduates is higher than it has ever been before. With careers ranging from cyber security to web development and software engineering, tech experts can now enjoy diverse and rewarding careers that no longer confine them to the basement repeatedly advising people to ‘turn it off and on again’.

Technology is central to a business’ infrastructure and shapes the way a company works and communicates, making tech experts a valuable asset in almost every industry. With approximately 1.46 million people currently employed in digital companies in the UK, the tech industry is growing fast, and those with the right skill set are in high demand.

How does technology work?

Tech involves anything based around engineering and the applied sciences, typically involving computers and computer systems. In the workplace, tech experts are responsible for designing and running the company website, creating databases for employees to use, managing the office network, fixing any problems and preventing cyber attacks, but in tech-based companies, roles may be more specific and centre on developing areas such as artificial intelligence.

Tech isn’t just code and numbers though, a creative mindset is also essential to overcome problems and make systems even easier to use. Technology can always be improved and it is down to the tech experts to think of new and innovative ways to make communication simpler and more effective. An eye for design is also helpful when creating websites to ensure they are easy to navigate and attractive to look at.