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Need some help? We’re always happy to answer any questions that you might have. Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If there’s anything else you would like to ask, or if you’d like to report a pesky bug, please get in touch (we’re most likely to reply 9am–6pm Monday to Friday).



Who is FutureRising for?
FutureRising is for anyone who wants to be a part of a network devoted to improving the skills and knowledge of young people going into the creative industries, ultimately improving the creative industries themselves.

Specifically, young people wanting to get a job in the creative industries benefit from FutureRising’s network, events and content. Professionals within the creative industries benefit from unrivalled access to brighter talent. And educators benefit as their students become more employable.

What do we mean by "Creative industries"?
Generally speaking, the creative industries are those where creativity plays a large part. For now, our focus is currently on advertising, branding, design, marketing and media where we can really offer an unbeaten level of expertise and advice for young people. We are looking to gain support and knowledge so that we may expand to cover other creative industries such as Gaming, Film, Photography, Architecture, Crafts, Publishing, Arts, Radio, Television, Music and R&D.

What makes FutureRising better?
Unlike other careers websites and companies, FutureRising has focus. By focusing on the creative industries, we can offer truly relevant advice, resources and expertise. For example, we understand that inspiration is just as key in these industries as advice on how to write a CV. We know how a portfolio should be put together. We know what briefs are and why you should work on them. We know how an agency works and how you can fit in. We also look to connect young people with industry professionals through our events allowing networking practise and giving employers a chance to meet bright, young talent. All this doesn’t just lead to better Careers advice, but better applicants and better creative industries.


How do I cancel membership?
Simply log-in to your account, go to click on Edit Profile and you can change or cancel your plan in the Membership tab.


Can I list an event I am hosting on FutureRising?
Yes! We allow partners to list events that the FutureRising network may be interested in attending. Please get in touch with all of the details you have and we will take it from there.

I can no longer attend an event, what should I do?
Let us know via the event sign up page that you are no longer able to attend. Please do this as soon as possible so that we can invite someone else who can make it.


How do I contribute?
We offer many opportunities to contribute to the FutureRising network such as submitting briefs, challenges or content, and the ability to speak at events and join roundtables. Check our contribute page to see how students, professionals and teachers can each contribute.

How do I speak at an event?
Please let us know about how and what you can bring to an event, your presentation idea and why you’d like to share you story with students.


Is there any way to sponsor an event?
We do have opportunities where you can sponsor our different events, parts of the website and more. For further information please view our sponsonsoship packages.


How do I hire talent through FutureRising?
As a company, you can host opportunities on your page for students to register their interest. We can then set a criteria for the points, badges and profiles you would like to be sent to you.

You can also work with us to set up an event that invites students to attend. This event will focus on educating and inspiring the students but we'll make time for networking at the end so you can meet with talented people on the day.

If you would like to discuss options, including building the FutureRising network into your existing recruitment process, please get in touch and we'll arrange a meeting.

Is Futurerising a recruitment agency?
No, no, no. We connect people and have put a lot of work into building this network so that the industry does not need to use expensive recruiters when looking for talented young people.


How do I opt-in or out of emails?
In your account there is an option to turn off emails. You can toggle each one on and off so that you don't have to miss out on everything just to remove one.


What if I forget my password?
Head to the login screen and hit the forgot password button. We’ll send you an email that contains a link to reset your password.

If I see an error or bug, what should I do?
We’re always to looking to improve your experience, it would be very helpful if you could detail the issue in an email to us.

How do I change my email address?
To change your email address visit your account and replace your old email address with your new one.

Can I log in on multiple devices?
You can use FutureRising on your desktop, tablet and smartphone. If you notice any issues while browsing on any device, please let us know.

Will you have an iPhone or Android app?
At the moment we’re concentrating on making sure the desktop version offers the best and most complete experience. But the website should be easily viewable on your mobile device.

Can I delete my account?
We hate to see anyone leave but we understand you may want to delete your account. You can do inside your account settings. Please be aware that any achievements and points earned will be deleted at the same time.