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Well over 750,000 people have benefited from FutureRising so far.


  1. “What set FutureRising’s event apart from careers fairs I usually attend is that they are an intimate, I was able to hear about what companies did, what there culture was. The fact it was really relaxed allowed me to talk with Lexis and land an internship at their client, Costa Coffee.”

    Beth Andrews, Linguistics Student, UCL

  2. “If it hadn’t been for FutureRising’s great network and events, we would never have gotten our internship at Karma Comms. When trying to get into the creative industry it is all about networking and promoting yourself. FutureRising is there to help.”

    Charlotte & Marie, Creative Advertising, Southampton Solent University

  3. “Without FutureRising I would have played by the book, settled into the crowd and ignored any opportunity to get myself heard. FutureRising taught me how to talk to companies, be myself and outshine everyone.”

    Stephanie Bradshaw, Advertising, Bournemouth University

  4. “I really enjoyed the presentations from FutureRising, I wish there could have been more. I joined the FutureRising network and feel the opportunities it provides are so important.”

    Shey Abdurrahman, Advertising, Leeds College of Art


  1. “I felt a bit demotivated until I found out about the FutureRising event, it helped me find out what it was like to work in marketing and realise what I wanted to do. On the day I worked with an employer who later invited me to do an interview and I have now joined that company. It's all thanks to attending the FutureRising event, I recommend it to anyone.”

    Emma Recknell, Psychology/Philosophy Student, Oxford University

  2. “Despite initial trepidation and the fact that the vast majority of us were studying degrees completely outside of the creative industries, we all met a lot of people, had a great time, and were surprised at how fun the initially daunting real-life brief was to tackle.”

    Aileen Wang, Marketing Intern, Google

  3. “I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help in trying to get a job in advertising. I have managed to get onto BBH's Homegrown scheme, starting next week so I am finally making headway in a career in advertising. Futurerising was a great help in terms of jobs and advice.”

    Anna Mounsey Heysham, Homegrown, BBH London


  1. “Future Rising's finger is firmly on the pulse when it comes to finding young talent. Whether it's sourcing media savvy teenagers for research groups, spreading the word about our latest internship opportunities, or organising events to attract fresh creative and strategic talent to Fallon, I know I can always rely on the team at Future Rising.”

    David Adamson, Senior Planner, Saatchi & Saatchi

  2. “If you use FutureRising, there’s already a platform setup for you to get hold of people, find companies and get your foot in the door.”

    Jon Vella, Junior Creative, HeyHuman

  3. “It is the only place I could find that is decicated for finding a job in the creative industries. You can be confident you’re looking in the right place, where the best companies are.”

    Madeleine Spence, Consultant, BrandPie

  4. FutureRising run a great, engaging event. Afterwards I invited the winning team in for work experience at BBH Zag.

    Lydia Crudge, Strategist, BBH Zag

  5. “I found myself a few months after graduating not knowing what I wanted to do. So to come away from the FutureRising event not only knowing I now wanted to work in media but find a potential company that would lead to job was amazing.”

    Dominic Meehan, Graduate Accountability Analyst, OMD International

  6. “FutureRising understand that, for students, inspiration is as important as practical knowledge. I have learnt a lot from attending their events, workshops and talks.”

    Jeremy Garner, Executive Creative Director, Hiveworks

  7. “For people with little experience,, has got great opportunties to get experience and advice for landing jobs.”

    Darren O'Hagan, Production Coordiantor, TVC Group

  8. “By contributing and attending events I was able broaden my network and understanding of what the industry was looking for during my Project Management degree. This helped me land my role Rufus Leonard.”

    Lars Bjørnbakk, Junior Strategist, Rufus Leonard

  9. “Darren is doing so well, I don’t know what we did without him to be honest. He’s sharp and helpful, a proper star!”

    Liz Roberts, Senior Project Manager, TVC Group

  10. “In working with FutureRising, we have found a partner that understand and shares our vision of investing in new generations. Their knowledge and skill at connecting organisations to graduates is second to none.”

    James Weller, Head of Talent, Mavens of London

  11. “Throughtout the whole process of going for job interviews, the FutureRising team we’re available. They gave me the confidence to walk in and be myself. If I would have applied myself I don’t think it would have been the same so I felt I was being backed up to land the job at 101.”

    Gayathiri Kamalakanthan, New Business & Marketing, 101 London

  12. “Natalie Price joined us as a consequence of the presentation I gave at FutureRising’s Bournemouth University event. She was shortlisted and selected after several interviews. She has turned out to be a real star.”

    Paul Tullo, Creative Partner, TMW

Teachers & Careers Advisers

  1. “I’ve enjoyed working with FutureRising, I’ve learned a lot in the process and seen Futurerising develop substantially in the last couple of years. Through Futurerising events our students have been exposed to a range of companies that we could never have hoped to get speakers from. I think Futurerising is going firmly in the right direction.”

    Catherine Alexander, Careers Adviser, Cambridge University

  2. “FutureRising put on a fantastic event, introducing our students to inspiring people from the creative industries but also gave them the chance to showcase their skills in a competitive but fun format.”

    James Graham, Advertising, PR & Media, Middlesex University

  3. “It’s made my life here as a careers advsier at Oxford much easier by engaging with companies and professionals from the creative industries to come along to events but also include up-to-date relevant careers advice across their website.”

    Julia Hilton, Careers Adviser, University of Oxford

  4. “It was our pleasure having FutureRising at Leeds College of Art. We have had a very positive experience and our looking forward to them returning.”

    Fabio Fragiacomo, Creative Advertising, Leeds College of Art