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The Male Copywriter

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11:00 AM | 10 August 2017
by Hannah Markus
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A proud nominee of the 2017 Webby Awards and a cult sensation in the creative realm, Lawson Clarke, aka the Male Copywriter, announced his freelancer status with a tongue-in-cheek domain name and an unconventional portfolio site.

Lawson Clarke is far from a novice in the advertising industry. With three years under his belt as SVP/creative director at Hill Holiday, as well as experience at agencies such as Arnold Worldwide, BBDO West, and Clarke Goward Advertising, he’s definitely an old hand when it comes to the creative copywriting business.

Having had enough of the grind of working for agency after agency, Clarke has decided to strike out on his own as a freelancer and do things his own way - a risky move for a middle-aged man in a fast-paced and youth-centric industry. Yet, whilst Clarke’s website places him in the midst of outmoded references to a time that Putin still pines for, he reveals himself as anything but obsolete.

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