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Creator of the Month: Alex Mathers, Writer and Illustrator

5 min, 27 sec read
9:00 AM | 1 March 2017
by Hollie Wong
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We spoke to the talented writer and illustrator, Alex Mathers, our Creator of the Month.

To kick off our Creator of the Month feature we spoke to illustrator and freelance extraordinaire Alex Mathers.

Having always had a passion for drawing and geography, Alex marries the two to create colourful and layered illustrations of everything from cities, to tree houses, to baboon-filled hot springs.

With a largely freelance portfolio, Alex has worked with the likes of Sony, Mars, and the BBC. More recently, Alex has published several books on design and illustration, while also running a very successful blog full of his advice and work, Red Lemon Club - all from the sunny comfort of his home in Thailand.

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