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5 things that annoy hiring managers

We've compiled a list of the most annoying things for hiring managers when reading job applications. Keep these in mind during your next application.

  1. Film studies at university: is it worth it?

    Film and Television (BA) student, Brigid Mensah, talks about her university experience and if a film degree is worth the time and money.

  2. Which courses should I take to learn coding?

    Do you want to learn how to code? We've compiled a list of the places to learn coding, both online and offline.

  3. Students' answer to politics

    Students at the School of Visual Arts created Ask The Candidates so voters can learn more about the candidates in their election.

  4. 3 tips to bag an advertising placement

    Creative Advertising Graduate, Amelia Munro, has the top tips on bagging your creative adverting placement.

  5. How to make your final year count at university

    Masters student, Cal McKim, talks about how to make your final undergraduate year count.

  6. How to get a job in gaming

    Gamer and design graduate, Michelle Everett, tells you what you need to know about getting into the gaming industry as a professional.

  7. How to become a DJ at university

    Daniel Boyle, music student and DJ, explains how you can become a DJ during your studies at university.

  8. 5 most anticipated games from E3 2017

    Avid gamer and Graphic Design graduate, Michelle Everett, lists the five most anticipated games showcased at this year’s E3.

  9. Design portfolio of talented Art Director, Jérémy Vitté

    Jérémy Vitté is a talented designer and Art Director with a portfolio website to inspire.

  10. Office snacks: what does your biscuit choice say about you?

    Find out what your biscuit choice says about your personality. Who are you?

  11. Volvo Cocoon fights human trafficking

    Advertising students of the School of Communication Arts have a great idea to fight human trafficking.

  12. Social media can make or break your career

    Social media can either help your career and networking or ruin your reputation. It’s up to you how you use it.

  13. How to convince your boss to let you work from anywhere

    Working from home has so many perks, but it's not for everyone. How can you convince your boss to let you work remotely?

  14. How to promote yourself at university

    Blogger, Talisa Garbo, explores how people can have their own branding, both online and offline, at university. It is all about your reputation and how you're perceived professionally through self-branding.

  15. Graphic design placements: how to make the most of your placement

    Design Intern, Rhianne Hicks, tells you how to secure and make the best of your next design placement.

  16. 3 reasons not to reject a candidate

    Job seeker, Michelle Everett, lists what to look out for in job candidates so you don't miss an opportunity with a great potential employee. Don’t be too hasty to reject.

  17. Powering Rio's favelas

    Rio di Janeiro’s favelas can’t afford dependable electricity but students at the School of Communication Arts have the answer.

  18. FutureRising's Playlist: Focus

    Need some background music to help you focus? We have you sorted with our 'Focus' playlist.