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Publishing industry
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Fancy a career in the publishing industry? We have all the knowledge and tips to help you become a publishing pro.

What is Publishing?

“The occupation or activity of preparing and issuing books, journals, and other material for sale.”

In the UK alone, 42 million people (two thirds of the UK population) read a newspaper every week, in digital or print format. Traditionally, publishing referred to the dissemination of information and making it available to the public, through forms of primarily books and newspapers. However, we’re in the 21st Century, where technology has taken over. This means that industries have had to adapt, and as a result publishing has become increasingly about digital platforms. Currently, almost 200,000 people are employed within the publishing industry. Customer publishing in the UK is one of the world’s most developed publishing industries, worth over £1bn each year, find out what it takes to be part of this booming industry!

How does Publishing work?

Essentially, publishing is the act of making information publicly available through different mediums, or platforms. Publishers are the intermediary between the publication’s author and consumer market. Within the publishing industry, there are different sectors that target varying consumer audiences for each publication.

Consumer publishing is known as that ‘famous’ end of the magazine industry. This includes magazines such as Vogue, Heat, and Cosmo. The consumer magazines are generally targeted towards a large audience, with a title that appeals to every style of life. The main reasons involved in reading these magazines are entertainment and information.