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Mobile industry
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Fancy a career in the mobile industry? We have all the knowledge and tips to help you become a mobile pro.

What is mobile?

"Mobile media agencies specialise in mobile marketing."

A recent study by Cisco Systems found that there are roughly 4.8 billion mobile phone users currently, and that number is expected to grow to close to 5.4 billion by 2020. This means that by 2020 there will probably be more mobile users than people with running water, electricity or a car. Mobile can not be ignored. Another study showed that by 2019 over a third of the global population will have a smartphone. Given the enormity of the mobile phone industry, brands are looking at specific marketing strategies geared to mobile phones to interact with customers and grow their business.

Since the release of the Apple iPhone in 2007, the technology behind mobile phones has developed rapidly. As a result specific mobile media agencies have sprung up which specialise in mobile phone marketing and are able to adapt and integrate new technologies. Mobile marketing opens up the possibilities of having time and location-specific, personalised marketing, offering brands a whole new channel and form of communication.

Social media and mobile marketing are closely linked because the majority of social media users use mobile phone apps to access those platforms. Mobile media personnel or organisations will work closely with a variety of other departments to ensure the correct content is created to convey the message as effectively as possible.

The mobile industry also includes the technical roles such as application developers and mobile technicians. These roles require coding knowledge and increasingly important and beneficial with app developers earning big salaries pretty quickly. The nature of the mobile industry means these roles are continually developing and growing - there is no better time to learn coding and get stuck into the mobile industry! On top of that, the mobile industry is expanding to include gadgets such as wearables and VR technologies, opening up a host of new opportunities. That these technologies are more recent than mobile phones means that the technologies in them are fresher and developing incredibly quickly, opening up job opportunities for developers and technicians.

How mobile works

Mobile media marketing encompasses a variety of different channels, all of which run through some form of personal mobile device. The different options range from SMS and in-app marketing to location-based services and in-app brand promotion. The former head of Coca-Cola marketing, Wendy Clark, once said “If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished”. Evidently mobile is very much the ‘thing’ of the moment and all types of businesses are jumping on the mobile media wagon, from local start-ups to multinational companies.