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Media industry
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Fancy a career in the media industry? We have all the knowledge and tips to help you become a media pro.

What is media?

"Delivering a marketing message for a client’s brand or product in the right place and at the right time."

Media is the area of the creative industries that uses different channels to communicate on behalf of brands and agencies. Those channels include TV, film, print, search, direct mail and many many others.

If you work in media, you don't make the adverts, you are the one who delivers it to the audience. A TV advert needs an advertising break on a TV channel to air. A poster needs a bus stop or billboard to be displayed on. And a magazine advert needs a magazine. Without media, an advert has no audience. There are hundreds of TV channels, thousands of magazines and newspapers, hundreds of thousands of poster and billboard sites around the streets we walk on. Not to mention the countless options in digital media.

Working in media you’ll, quickly become an expert in all this, being able to plan out exactly where your client should be placing their advertising and buying that space for them.

Media agencies innovate through collaboration and even the creation of new channels for them to use. Working in media you might plan interactive bus stop adverts, billboards that are controlled by social media, TV adverts that can send a message to your phone and many more weird and wonderful ways of interacting with an audience.

New channels are being created all the time, we started with selling space in papers and on billboards, developed into radio and the TV. A huge amount of films are funded by the product placement within them and you've got to get to a dark place of the internet to avoid any brands trying to get your attention.

How does media work

In media you will be governed by a budget, this is where the client has decided to spend x million pounds on paying for media channel space. It's not a case of plucking the figure out of thin air, often the relationship you have with a clint will mean you collaborate on the budget, you identifying what you would like to spend to hit targets, and them checking that against what funds are available.