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Games industry
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Fancy a career in the games industry? We have all the knowledge and tips to help you become a games pro.

What is gaming?

Introduction to gaming

“The creation, development and product testing of video games”

Bigger than Hollywood and making more than $60 billion a year, the gaming industry is one of the most popular creative sectors. Combining computer code with artistic design, this industry is extremely varied, and involves large teams of people working together for many months.

You’ve probably played many games yourself and know what’s popular, but have you ever thought about the complex design process that goes into making these games? Even things as simple as a scoring system have to be meticulously planned and calculated so that the game makes sense and is fun and rewarding to play. In an age of increasingly immersive games the artwork also has to be more stylish and realistic than it has ever been before, as well as being able to support smaller devices with the emergence of mobile and free-to-play games.

A knowledge of computer coding goes far in this industry, especially being literate in C, and C++ as well as more basic languages such as JavaScript, as this will enable you to learn the common logic and principles of video game making. Roles in the design and artwork departments also require proficiency in software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash as well as 3D graphics and animation packages like 3D Studio Max, NUKE or Maya.

The best way to get experience and impress potential employers is simply to build your own games. Whilst students have the technical knowledge many can’t provide examples of their own work outside of uni assignments - it’s essential to have your own portfolio to demonstrate your ability and to stand out from the crowd. Start off small with programs that have lots of built in behaviours before moving on to more complex software. With the amount of online tutorials available on YouTube and forums dedicated to gamers it’s easy to teach yourself - even coding! It’s a great idea to collaborate with friends who have similar interests and take part in game jams which aren’t only great for networking opportunities but are also heaps of fun! Don’t be afraid to experiment - the games industry is all about risk-taking and initiative to find the new Call of Duty.

How does gaming work

The design process goes through a number of different stages and involves several teams working together in one of the most collaborative industries.