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FutureRising Partnerships

We’re essentially running a huge graduate scheme
for the creative industries so why not be a part of it?

  • Inspire

    at our university events by talking and working with students

  • Educate

    via online content to build your employer brand

  • Filter

    the best candidates from our entire network for your programme

How it works

1. Meet

We'll meet with you to discuss the areas of your talent process we can help with, and share past case studies.

This might include increasing engagement on campus, increasing the diversity of your applicants, helping you filter the best people from a high volume of applicants or assessing skill levels.

2. Go live

We can move quickly to implement a partnership. Once it has been agreed and signed off we will finalise the project plan and assign an account manager.

3. Completion

Once we've completed the partnership plan, we'll review all parts of the project and share an in-depth report on success, including feedback from participants. Then we can start planning for next year.


  • Bespoke fee

    based on how much time we put in and how many people / institutions you are looking to engage and ultimately hire