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Data industry
careers guide

Fancy a career in the data industry? We have all the knowledge and tips to help you become a data pro.

What is data?

“The gathering of information and knowledge on an area of interest. Sometimes referred to as big data or smart data, it is used to support decision making”

How can companies predict what their customers will want in the future, which products sell best, and how to improve their own infrastructure? The answer is data.

Working in data involves collecting vast amounts of numerical information and using it to identify trends to help fix a company’s problems, make decisions and create models for what might happen in the future. With masses of potential data available the real challenge is to convert ‘big data’ into ‘smart data’ to identify potential issues and resolve them.

Data analysts are currently in high demand, with almost all industries wanting to improve their sales and better understand their clients. This is a lucrative profession for well qualified people (especially those who can code) and is set to remain a key element of industry for the foreseeable future.

How do you breakdown data?

Data can be split into three main types: data stream mining, social media data and publicly available sources.