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Creative Industries
Career Guide

We've produced a creative industries career guide to the advertising, branding, design, marketing and media industries to inspire and help you find your dream job.

What's included?

  • Industry

    Introductory guides to advertising, branding, design, marketing and media. Including job roles, departments, companies and more.

  • Quotes from legends

    We’ve asked some legends for their top advice on building a successful career in the creative industries.

  • 33 ways to
    land a job

    Over the years we’ve compiled 33 things we think you should do to stand out and make sure you land your dream job.

  • Jargon

    Ever wondered what a contact report or tissue meeting is? We’ve put together an industry jargon cheat sheet.

Industry contributors

  • Jeremy Garner

    Jeremy Garner is the former Executive Creative Director of Weapon7. Jeremy now resides at HiveWorks but at the beginning of his career he co-founded two pioneering digital agencies: Glue (1999) and BloodPartnership (2000). At home, he enjoys painting disturbing pictures under the alias ‘Jelly Buckingham’. @JeremyJGarner

  • Gemma Germains

    Having worked in the creative industries for nearly a decade, Gemma co-founded the design outfit, Well Made Studio. During that time she’s been called a creative producer, head of communications, new business manager and PR assistant. Whatever the name, it’s her job to sell creativity to clients. @GemmaWellMade

  • Sam Hollis

    Sam Hollis worked for Sky over a six year period before recently joining a branding consultancy called BrandPie. At Sky, Sam held numerous roles across the branding and marketing departments. Currently Sam earns his keep by pitching, winning and working with clients across all sectors as part of BrandPie’s client team. @samuel_hollis

  • Elspeth Spelzini

    From her origins as a english literature graduate, Elspeth has risen to become Associate Account Director at Starcom. She started out as a jack-of-all-trades at independent agency AW Media. Elspeth also had a stint at Total Media, heading up a variety of clients from fragrance to pharmaceutical.

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