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How to write a CV

Tips for putting together a perfect CV to promote your talent.

Your CV is the window into your experience, education, interests and personality. It should tease and champion why you’re so great to show employers why you are perfect for their company. We’ve pulled together CV tips, step by step guide to creating your CV and collected some examples in this comphrensive CV guide.

Quick CV tips

  1. One page only
  2. Make clear what your career ambitions are
  3. Be concise with what you say
  4. Include only relevant experience
  5. Provide a flavour of your personality
  6. No pictures or images (KISS)
  7. Always send in PDF format
  8. Proof read again, again and again
  9. Get someone to review your CV (we can help)
  10. Keep your CV after starting a job

When to create a CV

As soon as possible. Always have a CV that is up to date with your achievements. In addition to that, your CV is one page that features the most relevant achievements for what you’re applying for.

It should be something you can update easily as you gain more experience, knowledge and should always be tailored to specific jobs.

“Always have a CV that is up to date with your achievements.”

10 second CV rule

There’s much said about CV’s only being read by employers for 3, 5 or 10 seconds before they make a decision. There’s no imperical evidence to define how long it is but you must assume that most employers looking at CV’s will only spend a little time before deciding to read the whole page.

So you need to wow them quickly. This means you need a simple CV design with concise copy that highlights the best bits. Don’t give them any reason to discount you with their first glance.