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Submitted by Adam Oldfield
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Enter 1–5 boards/slides/pages that show off your ideas. It can be presented in any way, from stick figures to photoshopped works of art, as long as the idea is clear.


* Gain valuable feedback
* Improve your skills
* Get showcased on FutureRising
* Impress employers
* Win prizes

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Everybody wants something. 

Crowdwish is a new online service with an ambitious aim – to join together the worlds hopes and ambitions; collate and quantify them, then use their critical mass to help bring those dreams closer to reality, by making one thing happen, each and every day.

You could win an internship at this exciting company by entering this brief. There'll also be a prize for the runner up and everyone who enters will come away with something interesting for their portfolio.


To make the site famous for effective and imaginative wish fulfilment. That’s it. Just come up with some form of inspiring idea that will get the site talked about.


For information on target audience, brand values and tone of voice, download the full creative brief to the side.

You can also delve into the world of Crowdwish and learn more about what goodness they do.


  1. 1st. #WishMob

    A bit more info on the #wishmob, it would take place in public (restaurant where people celebrate birthdays/ wishing fountain). We would ask someone what they wish for. Our people would then go to the fountain/restaurant, wish the same thing out loud before throwing coin/blowing out candle and make the wish happen. It would then break the tradition that wishes only come true when kept secret.

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  2. 2nd. #WishfulThinkers; Unite and Take Over

    An advertisement and hashtag which promotes a community of “Wishful Thinkers”. The key emphasis is on the fact that though wishes may seem impossible to realise, when united with others who share the same mindset they can be transformed into realities. The idea of unification and a “take over” is engineered to speak to those who believe themselves to have a vision or who possess an idealistic mindset.

    I have conveyed these ideas using a serious of visual metaphors which are chosen to appeal to who I believe to be the key audience for this website. In being encouraged to use the hashtag, people will begin to realise when they are “thinking wishfully” and will be prompted to visit as a consequence.

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