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Branding industry
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Fancy a career in the branding industry? We have all the knowledge and tips to help you become a branding pro.

What is branding?

"Creating a name, symbol, design, and a personality that aims to identify and differentiate a product or company from others."

Branding is used to differentiate companies, products and services from each other, this can be through a name, symbol, design or personality. A branding agency supports a company to create names, symbols and identities as well as their language and personality.

Beyond companies, products and services. People, political parties and countries can all be brands. In the same way that your hair, clothes, language, beliefs and friends build an identity for you, great brands focus on every part of them that represents them to customers and potential customers.

Nearly every company in the world has to consider itself a brand and that has given rise to a huge number of branding consultants and branding agencies, which means there are lots of opportunities for young people interested in the power of branding and with fresh ideas for how brands can have a greater impact when and where they want to.

Coca-Cola, Kraft, Nestle, P&G, Pepsico, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg's, Mars, Unilever and General Mills are 10 corporations who own a huge number of brands that come under the FMCG bracket. These are Fast Moving Consumer Goods, stuff we buy every day or every week. Check out the image below to see why your decision between choosing a Mars, Twix, Bounty or Maltesers doesn't really affect Mars as they own all of them. Or if you've ever chosen KFC over Pizza Hut not realising that Pepsico will be getting your hard earn pounds either way.

There are so many products competing in the same markets that branding becomes the thing that makes them stand out. Whilst we make decisions based on what we like, the art of branding is to make us like something new or continue to like something more than the alternatives.