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Advertising industry
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Fancy a career in the advertising industry? We have all the knowledge and tips to help you become an advertising pro.

What is advertising?

"Communication with the users of a product or service with the intention to inform or influence them."

Advertising is a way of communicating to people with the aim of persuading them into taking or continuing an action. Put simply, advertising is used to tell us to do something.

Most people think of advertising as anything a brand does in terms of communication. David Ogilvy, one of the best known legends of advertising, thought this way and we wouldn't dare to disagree.

Advertising is delivered via many different channels, such as TV and radio adverts, magazine pages and online banners. Not forgetting written content, video content, social media and brand experiences. Plus the most powerful form of advertising, word of mouth. If a company can get an individual to recommend them, their products or services to someone who trusts them, it is human nature for the other person to take the recommendation on board.

We are bombarded by advertisements every day, typically through our electronic devices or via the environment we live, work and play in.

The majority of messages we see are paid for by brands and most of the time we are being targeted. If that sounds weird, think about the adverts you see on TV in the breaks between football compared with those in between reality shows. We're not here to stereotype but the data that is collected means advertisements can target particular groups of people knowing the chances of them watching or listening is high.

A job in advertising can be varied, unbelievable and fun. Picture the following working week. Monday morning meeting around the ping pong table, writing a thousand headlines for a new type of suntan lotion on Tuesday and later in the week, flying off to a beach to film a dancer fighting a bear then back in time to convince the Marketing Director of Coca-Cola to give you an extra £1 million for a new advertising campaign.

Ok, maybe your first week won't be quite like that. But by getting into the industry you will have taken the first steps towards making it happen. And that's exactly what we are here for, to help you take your first step into Advertising.

How advertising works

The majority of advertising is paid for by brands and often created by an advertising agency that the brand has hired.

So here's how an advertising agency works but don't forget that the team are constantly meeting, speaking with the client and developing every last detail to perfection it ain't colouring by numbers.

Clients will have an idea of what they want and why they want it. They'll meet with the planners, account managers and sometimes the senior management at an advertising agency.

This meeting of minds helps the planners form the clients plans into a strategy, this will be agreed and combined with some insights to create a creative brief.